Feb 24 2016

Evening Photography

This photo is actually taken at 7 pm in February. It would have been quite dark, had I not by accident taken a 3 minute exposure.




Oct 17 2015

The Kiss

I attended my wonderful distant cousin Rhondas wedding to Matt the other week. This is one of my experiments with the wedding photographs.

The Kiss

Jan 7 2015


This weeks photo challenge at The Daily Post is called “New”. This is my entry. Click on the photo to see it in a bigger size.

Nothing says “new” for me as much as freshly fallen snow.


Dec 28 2014

Working on new material

I’ve been working a portfolio, intended for print, lately. Here’s one of the images featured in it.


Feb 27 2014

Not quite a new job

For the past couple of years, I’ve been working at Willow Rehabilitation, doing IT Support, webwork and general IT management.

It has also led to other interesting opportunities, such as my position on the board of Attention Kronoberg.

I’m very happy working out there, as it has let me develop as a person and an amateur artist.

Aug 28 2010

What’s up with Petto?

Right now, Petto is working as an administrator and support guy for Grön Hälsa, a community of female entrepreneurs with ecological business ideas. It’ll last at least up until November. Let’s see if the support-part of the project will continue after that.

May 8 2010

Introduction to Petto

The purpose of this site is to give people a rough understanding of Peter “Petto” Sjögren. It is not intended in any way to give a complete understanding of the person, instead it’s meant to show why you need a Petto in your company.

So, who is Petto?

Petto is a designer, author, poet and also a somewhat pretentious prat. He was originally designed and produced in the hamlet of Braås, north of the southern city of Växjö, Sweden. Once reasonably mature, he spread his wings and, after a stay abroad, ended up in the aforementioned city of Växjö. During his travels, he encountered many different people, from numerous cultures, which have given him an open and somewhat satirical mindset.